Low-Cal Comfort Food Recipes

Skinny Skillet Chicken Couscous

This low-calorie recipe can deliver a ton of flavor with the right veggies and spices. Clean up is easy…another great option that is a one-skillet wonder!

Spicy and Slim Jambalaya

Make this whole dish in one skillet. Add shrimp if you don’t have a goofy allergy to shrimp like I do!

Ham and Potato Chowder

Think that a chowder has to be heavy with calories? Think again! Slow cook these ingredients for 8-10 hours and enjoy.

South of the Border Egg Salad

This South of the Border Egg Salad will keep you feeling full long after lunch. Great in a 200 calorie sandwich!

Lemon Blueberry “Skinny” Parfait

Why do I love this dessert? It tastes light and creamy, is perfectly portioned and gives you a lot of food for the calories. That is our goal!

Turkey Sloppy Joes

Comforting! Put this recipe in your winter rotation. Between the protein in the turkey and the fiber in the sweet potato, it will keep your stomach feeling full longer.